Backlink building is the hardest part in off-page SEO as no webmaster likes to pass their link juice to an unknown website and lose their authority.

A few people use low-quality link building techniques like profile links for making some backlinks for their blogsThey gives us instant results in improving rankings, I too agree with it. However, right away, you’ll be surely penalized by google panda or penguin algorithms for building low-quality backlinks.

That’s why, in this article, I have included best link building techniques that could assist us to get great backlinks in much less time.

Techniques to build high-quality backlinks

1. Guest Posting

No doubt, Guest posting is one of the best backlink building technique ever as it allows us to choose the source of backlinks. Before, contributing a guest article to any blog, to should check their guidelines. At the same time, check that your article implies with their guidelines.

2. Broken link building

Well, this is really a time-consuming link building technique.In this technique, you will have to analyze the broken links of high authority and related websites.

After analyzing and finding a broken link, you will have to make an article on the topic which got a broken link on the web page.For example, If you found a broken link having hyperlink of ‘ Link building techniques’, you should write about link building in our blog.

Then contact the webmaster of the website where you have found a broken link. Ask them to replace the broken link with your article.

But, success is not guaranteed with this technique. Sometimes the webmasters won’t link to our articles.But, Broken link building is really an amazing way to build quality links in no time

3. Blog commenting

Well, this technique needs no introduction at all.This is really an easy technique for build backlinks for your blog.

All you need to do is finding some high-quality do follow link providing blogs and comment on their blog posts.

But finding do follow blogs these days is really hard. For finding do follow blogs, you can start using a tool like Putmylink.But, Be sure to comment on related and high authority blogs. But please don’t spam.


These are the best link building techniques which live forever.  It is better to try guest posting as it provides huge traffic, exposure and backlinks for your blog.