Every marketer’s best friend is Twitter. And every successful business understands the importance of Twitter presence. In a nutshell, it’s an efficient communicative tool for establishing brand identity.

Any business professional can monetize his Twitter account, be it a small startup or an established business. This platform will definitely help you skyrocket your goals.

As of now, you know that you always need to stay ahead of the social media trends. So, here we are going to give you some tips on monetizing your Twitter account practically. Read on:

• Follow more accounts:

Before using Twitter efficiently, you need to establish your following. Follow other accounts that are same as your business. Set up links to your Twitter account on your site and produce shareable content. You can definitely make money by investing time in your Twitter account.


• Sell something:

Ensure that you actually have something to sell, be it big or small. Most importantly, you need to have a product that can engage more readers financially. Promote your services daily. Link to your site and make everything easy for people.

• Maintain a daily presence:

Try to make your Twitter account engaging, interesting and multidimensional. Get dynamic tweets daily. Grow your brand personality by providing interesting content which engages more audience. So, you need to post daily.

• Declare promotions:

Take the benefit of your existing business and keep your existing followers invested. People, who value your brand, will check out your Twitter daily for deals, updates and new services. So, keep promoting your services daily, so that your followers feel to invest in your products.

• Jump on eCommerce directly and start utilising affiliate links:

You can’t make money for your brand only using your site. Twitter itself an eCommerce platform but you need to use affiliate links for making it act like one. Ensure you balance affiliate tweets with your dynamic content so that your Twitter voice can be engaging and likeable. Your social media presence is your foundation and only after building a decent social media personality, you can monetize the affiliate links.

• Try sponsored tweets:

Sponsored tweets connect tweeters with advertisers. If you give a company access to your Twitter stream, it pays you. You just need to write a Tweet following the usual guidelines of the company and they also often Tweet it for you. With sponsored tweets, you can promote your brand as the way you want, develop your professional connections and get extra traffic to your Twitter account, hence extra income to your pocket.

Final verdict:

Twitter account’s monetization is not hard and it’s a big opportunity which shouldn’t be missed. Building your brand, maintaining its identity, taking benefit of the main features and exploring eCommerce options can change your account from ordinary to a great one.

You are recommended to hire a social media services company which can help you monetize your Twitter account properly by doing social media marketing on behalf of your business.